Meet the Family

First and foremost, my life is about my family. I have four wonderful children of my own and have been blessed with others through marriage. And I have three of my own grand children and many more that I have inherited over the years.

Kids and grandkids at snowbird

Personal Life

My family and I love to have fun, travel the world, make a difference, create abundance, and change the world.

Snowbird Utah Christmas 2015

xango great wall of china

Business Life

My business family and I also love to have fun, make money, travel the world, make a difference, and live life unlimited!

The Great Wall of China (Xango Juice is all over the world!)

My Back Story

I grew up in a lower middle-class neighborhood in a troubled home on the west side of Phoenix Arizona. I was one of three girls in my family and the only one to graduate from high school. No one in my family even talked about college. I graduated in 1978 when EEOC was putting women in job roles traditionally held by men. So at 18 years old I was a lineman with the telephone company with one of the highest paying jobs in the company.

I bought my first house at 19 years old but soon after had a lung collapse on a telephone pole which resulted in a surgery removing 1/2 my right lunch. I couldn’t work for 6 months and when I was healthy enough to return my job was gone. They gave me a job in the mail room. One of the lowest paying jobs in the phone company.

I then got into law enforcement, starting out in the Army Military Police, and later working for Phoenix Police Department and then the Arizona Highway Patrol. I got married, had a baby, number two was on the way when suddenly my marriage ended and I found myself a single mom. I was looking for ways to supplement my income in hopes that one day I would be able to be a stay-at-home mom again. I tried real estate, insurance, and then…

Family collage 2018

Network Marketing

I joined by first network marketing company when I was 18 years old, but I was making so much money at my job at the time that I didn’t “need” it. And when things got hard, I quit. But later in life when I became a single mom, my “needs” changed and I took a closer look.

Network marketing offers the chance to leverage yourself and build a network of customers and distributors and earn word-of-mouth referral commissions on all products purchased by the team that you help create. That is RESIDUAL income. And overtime, with geometric growth, the volume of products purchased just continues to grow and so do your commissions.

Zija Collage 2018